Ga about Vit

I first talked to Viet at the induction at LSE when we were both freshers. My first impression of Viet was not so good. Somehow, he gave out the vibe of a bad boy in an over-confident and cocky sort of way. And I disliked him straightaway.

You know how people say, you should never judge a book by its cover.

As I flipped each page, Viet turned out to be a generous, warm hearted, sensitive and extremely caring person.

He is someone who would not be able to let a girl walk home alone at night.

He is someone would feel the urge to give up his seat to the elderly, the injured and pregnant ladies.

He would always do the right thing, always be thoughtful and attentive to details.

He’s a wonderful son, a great brother and an amazing friend.

I adore this man, and I’m really grateful for his patience, understanding and, most of all, for putting up with all my crazy moments. I know that he will always be there to catch me when I fall and will always hold my hands, tightly, as we walk through the journey of life.

Babi, you’re my rock!

Vit about Ga

The most wonderful girl I have ever known, who amazes me by everything she does.

She is the epitome of energy, love, taste and style. She was able to bring out the active person in me, to show me how to appreciate every little thing in life the way I had not, to show me how we should never waste a chance to let our beloved know our much we care (and not to mention that she completely revamped my wardrobe!).

She is one in whom friends would trust for advice, one who would go out of her way to try and help someone in need.

She is one who can somehow fit 48 hours in a day, with time for family and friends, for work, dances, sports, and many other things besides cooking and keeping our home spotless. That to me, has always been, and probably will always be, unbelievable and incredibly inspirational.

Sitting here writing these line, I simply feel so fortunate to have her by my side, as the soothing voice to calm my temper, the warmth to my heart, and the inspiration to my every step in life.

Falling deeper and deeper in love each day...

More than 7 years together, people may think it would be obvious that marriage is in our everyday discussion. For us, even the possibility of our being able to get married was so new that we really hadn’t discussed it, EVER.

Her take...

Viet first knew me as a person who had always been so scared of the ideas of relationships, not because of the commitment ideas but because I am afraid that Love would not last forever...

There was certain parts of me that had always been afraid of being hurt so I was very sceptical and showed that I didn’t need love, although deep down I want to have a family, I want to be happy... "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly", and he... saw me. Yes, I yearn for true love and true happiness.

We always try to travel at least once a year to unwind, and... simply to be together. This year, I decided it would be Greece! I had always wanted to go and Viet fulfilled my wish by booking the trip as my 26th birthday present.

You know what we always try to do when we travel? To go to the higest point possible. I love height, the higher the better! And as usual, Viet did his research and told me there was this place that I could hike up to view the sunset, and I was super excited about it. We went there on the second day of our trip, the weather was perfect and the hike was not so difficult (Friends, you know I hiked along the Great Wall before ;)). We finally found ourselves perfect spot to watch the sunset, between the sea and the sky. The amazing part was that not many tourists know about that place, and that afternoon we had the whole cliff for ourselves!

Needless to say, the view was breathtaking; the colour of sunset is probably my favourite colour. Viet was holding me from the back and we just stood there watching the sun as it falls down the horizon. I kept saying “It’s beautiful, awww, it’s amazing”. It truly was!

When the sun vanished behind layers of beautiful clouds, I turned around and he was on his knee...

And then... we got engaged, just like that ♥

His take...

A lesser-known side of the story, which involves a long period of deliberation and contemplation.

The ring itself was an actual love at first sight for me, after browsing through styles and brands, websites and magazines, this was the one ring that was perfect in every way: different, elegant, and delicate. Lucky for me it was, coincidentally, one she also had fallen in love with (through Gossip Girl).

The next question was how to “smuggle” it to the flight. As a seasoned traveller, I was so confident that nothing could go wrong at security – ring in laptop bag, computers out, no liquid, nothing conspicuous looking - and yet…I was called back for a search! Fortunately I was able to “breezily” tell her to take a seat instead of standing next to me, while I put through 6 words to the kind gentleman in charge: “there is a ring in here” – saved on the goal line, phew!

Then when we reached the island, the air was so misty that I almost decided to call off the plan…but the wind came, it cleared out and then went the story, as you know of it…

I have to say that was probably the most nervous moment I ever had, my heart was beating so fast hiking up the cliff that I had to keep myself at a short distance for it to not give away the secret.

(By invitation only)

The engagement